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December 2012

Private Mentor Room

5 Day Free Trial


Active Trader: Technical analysis and intraday position trading, with mentors Evan Lazarus and Pete Renzulli

Momentum Trader: Short-term cash flow trading of in-play catalyst-driven stocks, with mentors Mike Lee and Steve Levay

ITB Candlestick Breakout: Time frame continuity and precise candlestick timing entries, with mentor Rob Smith

Swing Trader: How to identify key inflection points to maneuver your swing portfolio, with mentor Scott Redler

(*Swing Trader mentoring takes place once per week, so with the Free Trial we are offering 1-month access to the Swing Trader Mentoring Room)

How is T3 Live mentoring different from a chat room?

Mentoring is learning from a real, professional trader whose trades you can see. Mentoring is a T3 Live contributor actually calling out a student and asking him or her WHY they like a trade idea and holding the mentee accountable for an answer.

A chat room is simply a place to exchange ideas, and you have with no knowledge of whether or not the participants are ever actually placing trades. In the T3 Live mentor room you get to see your mentors trade in real-time.

Mentoring is about accelerating your learning curve by walking the path with someone who has been there before. Having an experienced mentor can save you money and help you trade bigger.

Anyone can learn how to identify a chart pattern, but we believe only a professional trader can give you the insights and hands-on training necessary to achieve long-term success.

We invite you to take the first step of the trading journey, and learn what is possible when you learn to think and trade like a professional.

Trials are offered the 1st and 3rd week of each month.
To reserve your spot for the next available opportunity simply fill in your information today!

Choose the trial you would like to apply for and a T3 Live representative will contact you shortly (those who leave a phone number will always be contacted first).


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